Step 1 – Choose a Proven Profitable Blueprint

There are three important key words in this step.

Blueprint – a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow so anyone can do it.

Proven – many have used them and succeeded with them before so you can have confidence that they will work for you.

Profitable – There really is no point if it won’t make you money!  These blueprints deliver!

There are lots of blueprints for you to choose you’ll find them here by clicking here

Many only cost $10!  Here are a few to look out for…

Really Easy Profits Book 1This is the easiest way to build a profitable course or membership site.  What makes it so easy?  It teaches you how to put AI to work for you, so it does all the heavy lifting!  Putting AI to work is for easier than you think and so I say confidently that if you can write an email, you have the technical skills to do this.

7 Day Profit Plan – Another plan made easier because of its use of AI to do most of the work for you.  This time you’ll be creating small reports at such speed you’ll soon have an entire library.   Each one providing a solution to your chosen market’s problems.

Checklists that you can sell – Checklists are incredibly popular and if you follow this blueprint, you’ll discover that they are easy to create and profitable.

Places and Profits (How to create a work anytime, anywhere laptop lifestyle!) – This often a dream of many but it can become a reality thanks to this amazing blueprint.


Step 2 – Choose A Traffic Method

Once you have a proven blueprint you will need traffic. Whatever blueprint you choose you will need traffic to show it to your potential customers.  I’m offering 10 different traffic plans. Each one only costing $17, including…

Social Media – Huge amounts of traffic can be attracted by utilising social media but only if you know how to do it properly, So you’ll find plans for Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In and TikTok.

Youtube – A 5-Day course to get the most out of Youtube plus and incredible bonus of a plan to get to 1 million subscribers.

Solo Ads –A plan to get your message delivered to people on other people’s email lists!

Really Easy Profits Book 3 – How to build your own sales army – this is how the gurus do it! Plus other ways to get traffic including 52 weekly tips to generate traffic!

Passive Income Promotion Engine – How To Create A Passive Income Promotion Engine Blog That Will Automate ALL Of Your Traffic Generation And Marketing Strategies.

They all cost a tiny $17 investment. Choose one or more!


Step 3 – Take Action

You will only succeed if you take action so let’s lay out a 7-point action plan for you to follow.

  1. Read through this entire book again (my book will be launched soon on Amazon – I’ll post about here when its live), make sure you will learn from the mistakes from the past including falling for false promises and shiny products that fail you again and again.


  1. Discover how to avoid getting stuck and learn how to analyse a possible market to make sure you only target profitable ones!


  1. Choose at least one of the proven blueprints and buy it. Click here to see them all.


  1. Choose at least one of the traffic plans and buy it. Click here to see them all.


  1. Put them both into action.


  1. Go to and enter your name and email so you’re the first to know about helpful blog posts and new products.


  1. Click here to check out all six of the Really Easy Profits Books and what they have to offer!


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