The blueprints I offer are chosen to be as easy as they can be but there are 3 that are very easy indeed.  The secret with two of them is I teach you how to get AI to do most of the work for you.  Don’t panic!  If you can write an email you have all the technical skills you need to put AI to work for you.

Really Easy Profits is now a series of 6 books and you only need book 1 to create a highly profitable online course or membership site.  Book 1 contains all the bite-size lessons you need to get everything set up and start getting members.  You could even be all set up in 24 hours with AI doing the heavy lifting. The rest of the books in the series add more and more – but each one is optional.


The 7 Day Profit Plan also puts AI to work for you. This time you’re getting it to create small reports that can be quickly produced to sell to solve people’s problems.   Being helpful and solving problems is also how to promote these with an innovative social media strategy.


You could even use AI for the 3rd easy profit plan and that’s Checklists that you can sell.  Checklists are incredibly popular, and this plan lays out exactly how to do it profitably.


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